Clue MBTI: The Thinking Functions


Colonel Mustard: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

Col. Mustard organizes everyone into search parties and tries to get control of a chaotic situation. He’s a military man who wants to do things by a strict, military standard, especially when everyone else is freaking out. He understands that if they split into pairs, one of them might be paired with the killer and thus get killed themselves, but it seems like a simple way to find out who the killer is. This is war, after all, and they have to win despite the risk of casualties. He directs the piling of the corpses on the sofas, pointing out the optimal way to get them to fit when the others struggle to position them properly. He demands straight answers from Wadsworth about who is in the house, and gets frustrated with the complicated replies.

Best Suggestion: ESTJ


Professor Plum: Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Professor Plum analyzes people for a living, and tends to reduce them to a series of logical principles. After Mrs. Peacock rambles on at dinner, he picks apart her behavior and diagnoses her with a form of insecurity. When the others are trying to figure out which of the weapons they were given was used to kill Mr. Boddy, Plum reasons that it might have been something else entirely—poison! In the “real” ending, Plum is the one who kills Mr. Boddy (who’s actually Mr. Boddy’s butler posing as Mr. Boddy; it’s complicated), but his plan is needlessly complex, first faking Boddy’s death and then sneaking back when no one is looking to kill him for real a second time.

Best Suggestion: INTP


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