How To Speak MBTI


New to MBTI? Bewildered? Better yet, skeptical? Glad you’re here. Allow me to introduce you to the basics.

Heroes and Villains MBTI Glossary

The Cognitive Functions (with Clue suspects)

Most profiles at Heroes & Villains are broken down into four parts, one for each of the functions (stay tuned, you’ll learn about those shortly). So with that framework in mind, I’ve written up a four-part guide to getting started with MBTI. Consider them simple nuggets of wisdom to pick up before you dive in. 

It’s just a bit of light reading.

One — Don’t Panic, It’s Just a Theory

Two — Learn Your Functions, Not Your Letters

Three — Know the Real Difference Between Introvert & Extravert

Four — Expect Yourself to Change, Not Your Type

My glossary and introduction pages are no substitutes for good studying on your own, or for the more in-depth information provided in more academic resources. So visit the links to other blogs and sites with good MBTI info, listed in the sidebar.


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