INFJ: Weyoun, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”


INFJ – the Counselor, the Seer, the Defender

Wait, haven’t we seen this guy before? No, it’s not because Weyoun is a clone, it’s because Jeffrey Combs played another DS9 villain, Brunt. They even appeared in the same episode once, though sadly, not in the same scene.

Two Weyouns once appeared in the same episode, too, because the character we know as Weyoun is actually a series of clones (Weyouns 4-8 during the run of DS9, to be specific). However, because he’s genetically engineered to do his job perfectly, he always has the same personality, even when he turns out “defective.” In MBTI, your type is generally a function of nature rather than nurture—you are wired the way you’re wired no matter what, though personal experience will influence how your functions manifest. In Weyoun’s case, his “nature” is embedded in his DNA by those who “nurture” him, the Founders he reveres as gods.

Dominant Function: (Ni) Introverted Intuition, “The Labyrinth”


Weyoun believes in the mythos of the Dominion—that the Founders are gods who bring order to the galaxy. He believes that the Dominion will endure for thousands of years after the Federation is gone, and works to advance their holdings and influence with every move he makes. He believes that his goals are divinely inspired by the Founders, perfect and not to be questioned.

Even the defective Weyoun 6 still holds the Founders in awe and reverence, even though he awakens from the cloning process with the inexplicable idea that the Dominion’s war efforts are wrong. Continue reading


DS9 MBTI: Villains Week


And now, the wicked week we’ve all been waiting for. Star Trek’s never been short on good villains, but DS9 truly presents an embarrassment of riches. What makes these villains great is how much time we get to spend with them as characters, learning their flaws and their strengths, and sometimes seeing shimmers of grace within their personalities that might have led to redemption if things had gone differently.

In the Original Series, Kirk’s nemesis was an Ni-user with an ego as big as his own. The Next Generation found the stern, commanding Picard squaring off against an unpredictable, trickster Perceiver type. On Deep Space Nine, our Fi-domled crew fights for their freedom against a series of Judgers who wield their power over others for nefarious means.

It’s a big, scary galaxy out there, especially with these guys in it.