Characters By Type


Want to find a fictional character who shares your personality type? Click on the links below to read their profiles!

(Characters are listed in alphabetical order by their last name. Titles like “Captain,” “Doctor,” or “King” are generally not included. Exceptions are characters who are known only by their title, like Agent Smith or Reverend Mother.)

the Introvert + Judgers

ISTJ, the Inspector

INTJ, the Mastermind

ISFJ, the Protector

INFJ, the Counselor

the Extravert + Judgers

ESTJ, the Director

ENTJ, the Commander

ESFJ, the Provider

ENFJ, the Giver

the Introvert + Perceivers

ISTP, the Operator

INTP, the Architect

ISFP, the Composer

INFP, the Healer

the Extravert + Perceivers

ESTP, the Adventurer

ESFP, the Performer

ENTP, the Inventor

ENFP, the Champion


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